Citizen Watch

Citizen Watch

Dideban Shahrvand (دیدبان شهروند in Persian)

“Citizen Watch” Documentary & Reportage program goal is strengthening civil society, make people stronger and empowering them by raising awareness about the dangers of corruption and the importance to combating it.

The current “anti-Iranian Kleptocratic” campaign is calling on the international community to take action immediately to strengthen the Iranian citizens in fighting against corrupt government. This strategy should empower Iranian citizens to clean up the corruption at its roots in Iran and to achieve the human rights, rule of law and sustainable democracy. Day by day, the number of anti-corruption protests spread across Iran. The non-governmental organizations, the Iranian citizens around the world are joining forces to fight corruption. Today, our most valuable tool for countering corruption is the civil society.

The “anti-corruption” campaign is raising awareness of their rights and give them the voice to unmask the corrupt system and empower them to put an end to corruption and terrorism in the Middle East.

The Iranian economy and the judiciary system are suffering from the rampant institutional corruption. Supreme leader, who is totally controlling the 3 powers, misuses the judiciary to suppress opposition or anyone who condemns him; this abuse of power damaged the independence of the judicial branch and generates a breeding ground for widespread corruption in all courts. Because of this corruption in the Judiciary, there is no independent court to stop corruption.

Our main objectives of this program are founded upon two pillars:

  • Raising awareness about transparency, freedom, justice, human dignity, rule of law, effective democratic institutions, healthy economy, secularism, gender equality and human dignity.
  • Empowering and strengthen civil societies in fighting corruption, actively promoting civil society with the knowledge, tools, and capacity they need to actively and safely counter corruption.

Citizens Watch” Documentary & Reportage program shall involve civil society, economic actors and experts to show to the Iranian people the national cost of corruption, terrorism’s support, theft and bribery in public and private sector; the cost of drug traffic and prostitutions, mental physical and financial damages caused by corruption to the Iranian citizens, and also the high social and economic damages because of the corrupt judiciary system. When relevant, we were use humor or sarcasm in order to promote our ideas and touch a wider audience.

Understanding and responding to corruption is a crucial challenge. This program offers an overview of the nature, pattern, and differing perspectives on political and economic corruption. Providing detail and depth, the show examines and compares corruption in Iran with some democratic countries such as the United States, UK, France, Israel, Japan and India. A comparative analysis will present the most prominent factors contributing to a reduced level of corruption and then to a stronger growth and greater prosperity and well-being for the citizen.

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